Marcus Miller - Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller - Marcus Miller
Recording Location: Media Sound Studios, Newyork, NY; Minot Sound, White Plains, NY; Warner Bros. Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Artist: Marcus Miller
Duration: 47:38
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: June, 1984
Album: Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller followed his debut LP, Suddenly, with this self-titled PRA/Warner Bros. album released during summer 1984. His fusion of funk/R&B/jazz is well-balanced on this effort and better represents his formidable talents as a bassist/songwriter/producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist. The high-energy "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" charted R&B and became a dance hit with its 12" version becoming a post-release favorite. Funk workouts like "Unforgettable" and "Juice" are balanced by crystalline ballads "I Know the Perfect Guy," "Is There Anything I Can Do," and "Nadine." [Some of the songs are listed on the 2000 JVC CD The Best of Marcus Miller.]

Unforgettable / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller5:45
Is There Anything I Can Do / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller5:24
Superspy / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller5:59
Juice / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller6:40
I Could Give You More / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller6:00
Perfect Guy / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller5:52
My Best Friend's Girlfriend / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller7:27
Nadine / Marcus MillerMarcus Miller4:31

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