Richard Shulman - Light from Assisi

Richard Shulman - Light from Assisi
Recording Location: Assisi, Italy
Artist: Richard Shulman
Duration: 01:06:24
Recording Date: November, 1989
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 1991
Album: Light from Assisi

This album is inspired by Richard Shulman's experience of Assisi, Italy, where he spent some time with a meditation group in 1988. He returned to Assisi a year later with his synthesizer and computer, determined to express the feelings of Divine Love that he felt pervading this holy place. The musical results are infused with a sacred feeling of peace and contentment. Synthesized strings set much of the mood and the compositions have a strong resemblance to the slow movements of Bach organ preludes. The liner notes are extensive and describe the inspiration behind each of the eleven pieces. If The Fairy Ring is your cup of tea, then you will enjoy this sacred brew.

For St. Francis 1 / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman6:57
For St. Francis 2 / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman1:37
Song of St. Clare / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman0:46
For St. Clare / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman5:47
Alleluia! / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman0:43
Mary the Compassionate One, Pts. 1-3 / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman20:16
I Meet With Animals / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman1:12
The Walk / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman4:07
The Chapel / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman2:46
The Grotto of St. Francis, Pts. 1-3 / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman17:42
New Robes / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman0:59
Goodbye for Now / Richard ShulmanRichard Shulman3:32

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