Richard Hickox - Mendelssohn: Elijah

Richard Hickox - Mendelssohn: Elijah
Artist: Richard Hickox
Duration: 02:10:38
Genre: Classical
Release Date: November, 1989
Album: Mendelssohn: Elijah
Styles: Choral
Elijah (Elias), oratorio, Op. 70
Part 1. Introduction. As God the Lord of Israel livethRichard Hickox1:03
Part 1. OvertureRichard Hickox3:25
Part 1. No. 1. Chorus. Help, Lord!Richard Hickox4:35
Part 1. No. 2. Duet and Chorus. Lord!Richard Hickox1:55
Part 1. No. 3. Recitative. Ye peopleRichard Hickox0:45
Part 1. No. 4. Air. If with all your hearts ye truly seek MeRichard Hickox2:14
Part 1. No. 5. Chorus. Yet doth the Lord see it notRichard Hickox4:04
Part 1. No. 6. Recitative. Elijah!Richard Hickox0:59
Part 1. No. 7. Semi-chorus. For He shall give His angels charge over theeRichard Hickox3:39
Part 1. No. 8. Air. What have I to do with theeRichard Hickox5:38
Part 1. No. 9. Chorus. Blessed are the men who fear HimRichard Hickox3:41
Part 1. No. 10. Recitative. As God the Lord of Sabaoth livethRichard Hickox3:54
Part 1. No. 11. Chorus. Baal, we cry to theeRichard Hickox3:25
Part 1. No. 12. Recitative and Chorus. Call him louderRichard Hickox1:09
Part 1. No. 13. Recitative and Chorus. Call him louder!Richard Hickox2:00
Part 1. No. 14. Air. Draw nearRichard Hickox3:33
Part 1. No. 15. Chorale. Cast thy burden upon the LordRichard Hickox2:12
Part 1. No. 16. Recitative and Chorus. O ThouRichard Hickox2:45
Part 1. No. 17. Air. Is not His word like a fireRichard Hickox1:54
Part 1. No. 18. Arioso. Woe unto them who forsake Him!Richard Hickox3:15
Part 1. No. 19. Recitative and Chorus. O man of GodRichard Hickox5:44
Part 1. No. 20. Chorus. Thanks be to God!Richard Hickox3:53

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