Neo Camerata - Travels

Neo Camerata - Travels
Recording Location: Scoring Stage, Skywalker Sound, Marin County, CA
Artist: Neo Camerata
Duration: 53:45
Genre: Classical
Release Date: October 11, 2005
Album: Travels
Styles: Chamber Music
Travels, for string quartet
Filled with Youth & Optimism / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata5:57
The Eternal Question / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata4:08
Prayer / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata4:38
Finding Joy & Wonder / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata7:47
Dream on a Cirrus Sky, for cello & piano / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata3:44
Vokante Heroa, for string quartet & piano
A Hero's Life / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata14:12
Celestial Calling / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata7:48
Fury of the living / Mark LandsonNeo Camerata5:15

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