Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits

Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits
Artist: Kenny Chesney
Duration: 01:02:50
Genre: Country
Release Date: September 26, 2000
Album: Greatest Hits
Styles: Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country

The culmination of seven years' work, Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits CD is a good overview of his career and also throws in four unreleased tracks and a live version of "Back Where I Come From." His unique blend of traditional country vocal stylings and contemporary, slick pop orchestration is showcased on songs like "She's Got It All" and "All I Need to Know." Among these songs of heartache and loss, there hides a little sunny gem of a song in "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," in which Chesney reveals that his girl is kinda crazy about his farmer's tan and how she brings him a "basket 'a chicken and a big cold jug 'a sweet tea." Greatest Hits stands as a good introduction to one of the most popular country artists of the '90s or a worthwhile addition to the die-hard fan's collection.

I Lost It / Jimmy Olander / Neil ThrasherKenny Chesney3:54
Don't Happen Twice / Thom McHughKenny Chesney3:23
The Tin Man / Kenny Chesney / David Lowe / Stacey SlateKenny Chesney3:37
Fall in Love / Buddy Brock / Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney2:37
All I Need to Know / Steve Seskin / Mark SpringerKenny Chesney3:09
For the First Time / Kenny Chesney / Phil VassarKenny Chesney3:38
Me and You / Skip Ewing / Ray HerndonKenny Chesney3:39
Back Where I Come From / Mac McAnallyKenny Chesney4:16
When I Close My Eyes / Nettie Musick / Mark SpringerKenny Chesney3:30
She's Got It All / Craig Wiseman / Drew WomackKenny Chesney3:24
That's Why I'm Here / Shaye Smith / Mark SpringerKenny Chesney4:03
How Forever Feels / Wendell Mobley / Tony MullinsKenny Chesney3:08
You Had Me from Hello / Kenny Chesney / Skip EwingKenny Chesney3:50
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy / Jim Collins / Paul OverstreetKenny Chesney4:07
What I Need to Do / Tom Damphier / Bill LutherKenny Chesney4:04
Baptism / Mickey CatesKenny Chesney feat: Randy Travis4:15
Because of Your Love / Marv Green / Chris LindseyKenny Chesney4:16

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