Sirocco Saxophone Quartet - Catch

Sirocco Saxophone Quartet - Catch
Recording Location: Studio One, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Artist: Sirocco Saxophone Quartet
Duration: 50:13
Recording Date: September 12, 2014 - September 15, 2014
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2015
Album: Catch
Styles: Chamber Music
Third Quartet
Robust / Robert MyersSirocco Saxophone Quartet6:30
Slowly / Robert MyersSirocco Saxophone Quartet8:09
Insomnia / Malte GiesenSirocco Saxophone Quartet8:05
Throw Back
Relaxed and carefree / Charlotte BraySirocco Saxophone Quartet2:02
Freely, with urgency / Charlotte BraySirocco Saxophone Quartet2:39
Passionate and expressive / Charlotte BraySirocco Saxophone Quartet2:20
Back to Bar 190! / Thilo SchallerSirocco Saxophone Quartet11:49
Catch / Roderik de ManSirocco Saxophone Quartet8:39

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