Dave Scott - Naivete

Dave Scott - Naivete
Artist: Dave Scott
Duration: 01:04:07
Recording Date: January, 2006
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: February 6, 2007
Album: Naivete
Styles: Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz

Veteran jazz educator and trumpeter Dave Scott has a lot to offer in his second Steeplechase CD, contributing seven demanding originals. With tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, pianist Gary Versace, bassist John Hebert and drummer Jeff Williams, all of whom work with Scott from time to time (while also appearing on Scott's Song for Amy), the band was able to flesh out the trumpeter's songs during live gigs prior to entering the studio. The constantly shifting "Chromaddict" is simultaneously dark and inviting, with a punchy unison line by Scott and Perry. Versace introduces the mournful "Naiveté" alone, with the piece rapidly becoming very intricate as the full quintet is added. "Nothing Is Sacred" is easily the most dramatic piece of the session, with the horns often simultaneously improvising over Versace's delicious vamp. Dave Scott's music demands full attention to appreciate its depth, so it is easily recommended to post-bop fans with a taste for something new.

Hypervigilance / Dave ScottDave Scott8:48
Nothing Is Sacred / Dave ScottDave Scott11:21
Oaxaqueno / Dave ScottDave Scott7:52
Chromaddict / Dave ScottDave Scott7:41
Naiveté / Dave ScottDave Scott10:01
Nice Treatment / Dave ScottDave Scott9:48
Sense of Urgency / Dave ScottDave Scott8:36

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