The Rentals - Return of the Rentals

The Rentals - Return of the Rentals
Recording Location: Poop Alley
Artist: The Rentals
Duration: 36:55
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: October, 1995
Album: Return of the Rentals
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Alongside his stint as the bass player for the ever-beloved Weezer, Matt Sharp found time to put out a record from a little side project of his, and unknowingly dropped a surprisingly influential album on the ears of many a listener. Taking a bit of the harmony loving pure-pop songwriting skills honed in his other band, Sharp topped off the Rentals with plenty of Moog powered keyboard flair and ended up with an album that ushered back in a new wave of cheesy electro-keyboard pop with a restored spirit and a knack for unforgettable hooks. From the radio hit "Friends of P" to the clunky opener of "The Love I'm Searching For," Return of the Rentals has few moments that aren't bursting with catchy choruses and lovelorn sentiments. Helping out is a cast that includes Weezer drummer Pat Wilson, and most noticeably, That Dog's Petra Hayden, whose sugary vocals make for some of the disc's most timeless moments. Convincing a new generation of kids that new wave could still be cool, the Rentals' first record may have been a fluke, but it really doesn't matter. Sure, their later recordings were nowhere near as innocent and memorable, but this record is a real benchmark of carefree pop from the '90s and shouldn't be forgotten anytime soon.

The Love I'm Searching For / Matt SharpThe Rentals3:35
Waiting / Matt SharpThe Rentals3:13
Friends of P. / Matt SharpThe Rentals3:32
Move On / Matt SharpThe Rentals4:20
Please Let That Be You / Matt SharpThe Rentals3:33
My Summer Girl / Matt SharpThe Rentals3:12
Brilliant Boy / Matt SharpThe Rentals4:16
Naive / Matt SharpThe Rentals2:19
These Days / Matt SharpThe Rentals3:00
Sweetness and Tenderness / Matt SharpThe Rentals5:55

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