Masters of Reality - Welcome to the Western Lodge

Masters of Reality - Welcome to the Western Lodge
Recording Location: Monkey Studios, Palm Springs, CA
Artist: Masters of Reality
Duration: 38:39
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: June 21, 1999
Album: Welcome to the Western Lodge
Styles: Hard Rock, Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal

Spitfire Records would have you believe that Welcome to the Western Lodge is the brand new album by the ubiquitous Chris Goss and his rambling, intermittent project Masters of Reality. It is the latest offering by this "band" of one and whomever he gets to play with him. But it was originally released in the U.K. and Europe in 1999. In this case the Masters are a two-piece with John Leamy playing drums, keyboards, and bass, while Goss plays guitar, "sings," and does everything below except play drums. Welcome to the Western World has all the trappings of being a concept album except the lyrics to line it up. It's a kind of slow, plodding, thud-thud-thud hard rock with terrible vocals and big guitar riffs. There are also some "psychedelic" keyboards thrown in for measure and electronically altered sci-fi vocals.

Ugh! Once upon a time, about 15 years before this album, the Masters of Reality were a badass rock band with the audacity to do Cream covers. Hell, they even had Ginger Baker join them for a time. But that was long before this tired, moronic, sleep-inducing yawn that passes for rock & roll. One of the biggest problems is production -- which is weird. Goss, who has produced three Kyuss records, Queens of the Stone Age, Ian Astbury, and more, knows what he's doing. He also understands self-indulgence. Given that this is so, these tried -- and tried, and tried -- heavy rock riffs with this muddy sound don't get it at all. It's not worth singling out any track for praise because, in truth, they're all pretentious and, basically, they all suck. What a huge disappointment.

It's Shit / Chris GossMasters of Reality2:56
Moriah / Chris GossMasters of Reality3:33
The Great Spelunker / Chris GossMasters of Reality3:10
Time to Burn / Dave Catching / Chris Goss / John LeamyMasters of Reality2:36
Take a Shot at the Clown / Dave Catching / Chris Goss / John LeamyMasters of Reality3:52
Baby Mae / Chris GossMasters of Reality3:14
Why the Fly? / Chris GossMasters of Reality4:00
Ember Day / Chris GossMasters of Reality0:54
Annihilation of the Spirit / Chris GossMasters of Reality2:32
Call Dr. Carrion / Chris GossMasters of Reality3:22
Boymilk Walz / Chris GossMasters of Reality2:36
Lover's Sky / Chris GossMasters of Reality2:55
Also Ran Song / Chris Goss / John LeamyMasters of Reality2:59

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