The DHDFDs - French Fries

The DHDFDs - French Fries
Artist: The DHDFDs
Duration: 30:58
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: French Fries
Wasting My TimeThe DHDFDs1:18
Baseball LoveThe DHDFDs1:46
Like Zara Once SaidThe DHDFDs2:07
Mongo VanThe DHDFDs2:28
PessimistThe DHDFDs1:34
SmangThe DHDFDs1:07
Kawasaki B&B R&BThe DHDFDs2:59
Babysitters ClubThe DHDFDs2:12
Face Drain MotherThe DHDFDs2:58
Malo MononoThe DHDFDs2:32
Community SmorgasbordThe DHDFDs3:19
Drugged & LonelyThe DHDFDs1:40
RobotsThe DHDFDs4:58

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