Broken Theremin - Thorn Tip

Broken Theremin - Thorn Tip
Artist: Broken Theremin
Duration: 38:25
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: March 2, 2006
Album: Thorn Tip
Your FaceBroken Theremin4:21
What Is ControlBroken Theremin3:58
Before You GoBroken Theremin2:16
Hips and ThornsBroken Theremin3:40
The Man in the CornfieldBroken Theremin4:41
Fields of ClayBroken Theremin3:10
Gentle TideBroken Theremin4:03
And the Sea Will Swallow Her SoulBroken Theremin4:32
Straight JacketBroken Theremin2:42
Dreams Weren't Meant to StayBroken Theremin5:02

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