T-Bone Burnett - The B-52 Band & the Fabulous Skylarks

T-Bone Burnett - The B-52 Band & the Fabulous Skylarks
Artist: T-Bone Burnett
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: 1972
Album: The B-52 Band & the Fabulous Skylarks
Styles: Roots Rock

Though J. Henry Burnett's solo recording career wouldn't begin in earnest for another eight years (under the name T-Bone Burnett), it actually had its inception in 1972 -- three years prior to joining Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Review and five years before the Alpha Band's self-titled debut -- with the release of The B-52 Band & the Fabulous Skylarks. And while the B-52 Band included two future members of the Alpha Band (bassist David Jackson and drummer Matt Betton), there's not a lot here that would put you in the mind of that band's three late-'70s records, even if songs such as "We Have All Got a Past", "Bring Me Back Again" and "Money Changer" may hint at what was to come. Throughout the various stages of his recording career, Burnett has often been one to subvert the roots of rock & roll, blues, folk and country when needed, but musically he and his cohorts play it relatively straight here. The album's blues and rock & roll seldom stray from the ordinary, while elsewhere, songs that tip their hat to Dylan or the Band, though they may show promise, don't always stay with you. There are enticing moments throughout, but as soon as it seems as if they have you, Burnett, the B-52 Band and backup singers, the Fabulous Skylarks fail to really close the deal. And while as a writer Burnett certainly knows how to craft a song, there are a number of otherwise good ideas that never quite reach fruition, seeming to hit the wall about halfway through. Fans of T-Bone Burnett's later work may find The B-52 Band & the Fabulous Skylarks of interest, but all in all this is a fairly unremarkable, albeit respectable debut from an artist who would go on to greater things on his own, with the Alpha Band, and as a Grammy winning producer. [Originally released by Uni in 1972, the 1994 CD reissue by One Way Records contains two bonus tracks, "I Don't Want to Hear You Cry No More" and "Linda Lu."]

We Have All Got a PastT-Bone Burnett
Bring Me Back AgainT-Bone Burnett
Now I Don't Mind No Light SermonT-Bone Burnett
Wouldn't You Think I'd Know by NowT-Bone Burnett
You Been Away for So LongT-Bone Burnett
Sliding ByT-Bone Burnett
Hot Rod BanjoT-Bone Burnett
Mama, Please Don't You LieT-Bone Burnett
Clarification BluesT-Bone Burnett
Money ChangerT-Bone Burnett
I Don't Want to Hear You Cry No MoreT-Bone Burnett
Linda LuT-Bone Burnett

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