Gus McGuillicutty - The Lobster Man

Gus McGuillicutty - The Lobster Man
Artist: Gus McGuillicutty
Duration: 01:03:33
Genre: Rap
Release Date: April 27, 2007
Album: The Lobster Man
Call for the Lobster ManGus McGuillicutty0:13
Rain Sleet or SnowGus McGuillicutty5:15
LiesGus McGuillicutty4:10
What You Gonna Do?Gus McGuillicutty3:24
26 RollinGus McGuillicutty1:11
1 ThangGus McGuillicutty3:50
Condescend MeGus McGuillicutty3:24
Nikes Adidas and Skate ShoesGus McGuillicutty5:09
Blind Mans RoadGus McGuillicutty6:45
Grown LoveGus McGuillicutty2:42
Get It out Your LifeGus McGuillicutty3:23
Ground ControlGus McGuillicutty2:32
Dear...Gus McGuillicutty1:57
Keep Em Guessin'Gus McGuillicutty3:35
High SchoolGus McGuillicutty4:14
All InGus McGuillicutty4:53
Watch OutGus McGuillicutty6:56

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