The Chevelles - Delerium: The Very Best of the Chevelles

The Chevelles - Delerium: The Very Best of the Chevelles
Artist: The Chevelles
Duration: 01:09:37
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: 2000
Album: Delerium: The Very Best of the Chevelles
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk-Pop

The Chevelles are a power pop quartet out of Perth, Australia, who specialize in summery songs with an attitude, a bit like the Raspberries, with a wink and a leer, and they deserve a wider audience. Led by singer/guitarists Duane Smith and Adrian Allen, both interesting songwriters, they combine big guitars with bright hooks and harmonies galore, and while their lyrics are clever, the songs are still all about finding a girl, in the best power pop tradition.

This collection, supposedly a best-of, really isn't, however, since it contains nothing from their best album, Girl God. Highlights here, however, include "Stardust," the Kinks-like "Show Me Your Love," and the title track, "Delerium." Pick up Girl God, and then this collection, and you'll pretty much have this intriguing band covered.

Valentine / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:50
Murder on Her Mind / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:08
8675309 / Alex Call / Jim KellerThe Chevelles3:32
My Kind / Adrian AllenThe Chevelles3:24
On My Mind / Adrian AllenThe Chevelles2:18
Memories / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:51
She's Not Around / Adrian AllenThe Chevelles4:16
Another Girl / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:16
Mesmerized / Duane SmithThe Chevelles2:42
Stardust / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:38
Time Machine / Duane SmithThe Chevelles5:16
Rollerball Candy / Duane SmithThe Chevelles2:34
Can't Pretend / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:32
Starlet / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:26
Girl for Me / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:11
Promise / Adrian AllenThe Chevelles3:41
Show Me Your Love / Duane SmithThe Chevelles3:42
For Your Love / Graham GouldmanThe Chevelles3:21
Phenobarbital Love / Duane SmithThe Chevelles2:59
Delerium / Duane SmithThe Chevelles4:00

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