Carla Thomas - Hidden Gems

Carla Thomas - Hidden Gems
Artist: Carla Thomas
Duration: 55:59
Genre: R&B
Release Date: 1992
Album: Hidden Gems
Styles: Memphis Soul, Soul, Southern Soul

Twenty outtakes recorded for Stax between 1960 and 1968, a number of which are gems. In fact, it is really surprising just how good the unreleased Stax stuff was in the '60s. "Loneliness," "Sweet Sensation," and "It Ain't No Easy Thing" all could have been superb singles.

I'll Never Stop Loving YouCarla Thomas2:59
I Wonder About Love / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas3:00
Little Boy / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas2:44
Loneliness / Isaac HayesCarla Thomas2:35
(Your Love Is A) Life Savor / Bettye CrutcherCarla Thomas2:22
Sweet Sensation / Steve CropperCarla Thomas2:46
You'll Lose a Good Thing / Huey P. Meaux / Barbara Lynn OzenCarla Thomas2:54
I've Made up My Mind / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas3:06
My Man Believes in Me / William Bell / Steve CropperCarla Thomas2:40
I Like It / Isaac Hayes / David PorterCarla Thomas2:28
Run Around / Mariam Brittenum / Steve Cropper / Isaac HayesCarla Thomas3:15
Good Good Lovin' / Deanie ParkerCarla Thomas2:28
That Beat Keeps Disturbing My Sleep / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas2:27
If It's Not Asking Too Much / Deanie Parker / Junior ParkerCarla Thomas2:36
It Ain't No Easy Thing / William Bell / Steve Cropper / Eddie FloydCarla Thomas3:20
Toe Hold / Isaac Hayes / David PorterCarla Thomas3:53
Good Man / Steve Cropper / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas2:37
I Can't Hide It / Steve Cropper / Booker T. JonesCarla Thomas2:36
Thump in My Heart / Isaac Hayes / David PorterCarla Thomas2:45
Goodbye My Love / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas2:28

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