David Amram - No More Walls

David Amram - No More Walls
Artist: David Amram
Duration: 47:08
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 1971
Album: No More Walls
Styles: Bop, World Fusion

The "walls" referred to in this album's title are the artificial boundaries between jazz, classical and World Music. David Amram (heard here on piano, French horn, guitar, flutes and percussion) has long been a pioneer in crossing between genres. With altoist Jerry Dodgion, baritonist Pepper Adams, and an oversized rhythm section, plus an oud, viola, dumbeg and five percussionists (including Candido), Amram performs seven of his diverse compositions, two of which also have vocalists.

Intriguing music.

Waltz from After the Fall / David AmramDavid Amram6:51 Amazon
Wind from the Indies / David AmramDavid Amram9:34 Amazon
Pull My Daisy (for the film Pull my daisy) / David AmramDavid Amram4:33 Amazon
Brazilian Memories / David AmramDavid Amram6:25 Amazon
São Paulo / David AmramDavid Amram4:18 Amazon
Going North / David AmramDavid Amram2:36 Amazon
Tompkins Square Park Consciousness Expander / David AmramDavid Amram13:05 Amazon

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