Flora Purim - The Magicians

Flora Purim - The Magicians
Recording Location: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA; Gonk Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Santa Barbara Sound Studios, Santa Barbara, CA
Artist: Flora Purim
Duration: 37:53
Recording Date: March, 1986 - April, 1986
Genre: Latin
Release Date: 1986
Album: The Magicians
Styles: Brazilian Jazz, Fusion, World Fusion

One of mainstream-minded Concord's few so-called crossover projects -- hence the separate label -- this isn't a very successful venture, a hodgepodge of this and that, recorded with a flat commercial sheen. Misleadingly, the CD opens with Flora singing the blues on the Cheathams' "Sweet Baby Blues," upon which Airto plays straight traps. But while "Garimpo" gets the album back on the Latin track, the energy and quirky inventiveness of the Moreiras is mostly out to lunch, buried under the in-your-face sound and dissipated among a variety of instrumental lineups. "Jump" does get some sharp Brazilian funk going, and the title track has some of the old Airto craziness, but the rest is not going to light too many fires.

Sweet Baby Blues / Jeannie CheathamFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira4:29
Garimpo / Marcos SilvaFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira4:32
Esquinas / DjavanFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira6:16
Bird of Paradise / Airto Moreira / Flora Purim / Louis SmallFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira3:26
The Magicians / Egberto Gismonti / Airto MoreiraFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira2:59
Jennifer / Kei AkagiFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira5:25
Jump / Jeff ElliottFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira4:08
Two Minutes of Peace / Marcos SilvaFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira3:04
Love Reborn / George Duke / Flora PurimFlora Purim feat: Airto Moreira3:34

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