Windy City Strugglers - Kingfisher

Windy City Strugglers - Kingfisher
Recording Location: Plan 9, Wellington, New Zealand
Artist: Windy City Strugglers
Duration: 40:54
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: April 12, 2005
Album: Kingfisher
I Can ChangeWindy City Strugglers3:47
Struggle No MoreWindy City Strugglers3:35
She DrivesWindy City Strugglers3:57
Waltz of the WindWindy City Strugglers4:34
What About ThatWindy City Strugglers2:34
KingfisherWindy City Strugglers2:18
Fast ForwardWindy City Strugglers4:25
Short StoryWindy City Strugglers2:18
Old-Fashioned LoveWindy City Strugglers3:29
Mountain GirlWindy City Strugglers3:40
Loving You Is Not an Easy GameWindy City Strugglers2:42
Pure WhiteWindy City Strugglers3:35

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