Nazareth - Snaz

Nazareth - Snaz
Recording Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Artist: Nazareth
Duration: 01:17:46
Recording Date: May 23, 1981 - May 23, 1981
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: 1981
Album: Snaz
Styles: Album Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Arena Rock

Originally released on A&M records in 1981, Snaz is one of the better, and least recognized, live '70s (as a style, not necessarily a period in time) hard rock recordings. Unlike more recognized '70s metal artists like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, and others, Nazareth -- even in their Hair of the Dog heyday -- never were able to put much "heavy" into their heavy metal guitar attack when they recorded in the studio. There wasn't much of a thump coming from the drums and bass either, and the overall affect was a wimpy sound that didn't nearly serve the band's fine material as well as it should have.

All of this left Nazareth's otherwise respectable '70s studio recordings with much to be desired sonically. Recorded live in Vancouver, Snaz is a production and engineering highlight in the band's career. The energy and recklessness of Nazareth's material is much more palpable on these live versions, and while things get a little sloppy at times, it's never distracting. Fans of Nazareth simply must add this record (most recently re-released by Castle in 1997) to their collection of essential band releases.

Telegram/On Your Way/So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star/Sound Check / Pete Agnew / Manny Charlton / Chris Hillman / Dan McCafferty / Roger McGuinn / Darrell SweetNazareth6:45
Razamanaz / Pete Agnew / Manny Charlton / Dan McCafferty / Darrell SweetNazareth4:23
I Want to (Do Everything for You) / Joe TexNazareth5:16
This Flight Tonight / Joni MitchellNazareth3:46
Beggars Day / Nils LofgrenNazareth3:41
Heart's Grown Cold / Zal CleminsonNazareth5:51
Java Blues / Rick Danko / Emmett GroganNazareth5:06
Cocaine / J.J. CaleNazareth4:55
Holiday / Pete Agnew / Manny Charlton / Zal Cleminson / Dan McCafferty / Darrell SweetNazareth3:30
Dressed to Kill / Pete Agnew / Dan McCaffertyNazareth3:55
Hair of the Dog / Pete Agnew / Manny Charlton / Dan McCafferty / Darrell SweetNazareth6:07
Expect No Mercy / Pete Agnew / Manny Charlton / Dan McCafferty / Darrell SweetNazareth4:31
Shapes of Things / Jim McCarty / Keith Relf / Paul Samwell-SmithNazareth6:22
Let Me Be Your Leader / Manny CharltonNazareth4:44
Love Hurts / Boudleaux BryantNazareth4:00
Tush / Frank Beard / Billy Gibbons / Dusty HillNazareth4:54

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