Julia Broxholm / Russell Miller - The Soul Fox: A Song Cycle by Lori Laitman

Julia Broxholm / Russell Miller - The Soul Fox: A Song Cycle by Lori Laitman
Recording Location: Hatch Hall at the Eastman School of Music; Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music
Artist: Julia Broxholm \ Russell Miller
Duration: 01:14:31
Genre: Classical
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Album: The Soul Fox: A Song Cycle by Lori Laitman
Styles: Vocal Music

The song cycle The Soul Fox by Lori Laitman, chronicling the dissolution of a marriage after infidelity in short, deft strokes, gets top billing on this release from the U.S. label Equilibrium Recordings. But Kansas-based soprano Julia Broxholm, in her own notes, offers the opinion that "there has never been a more exciting time for American song," and it's actually the program as a whole that's most compelling. There are two sets of very short songs, one by Ned Rorem, who certainly served as inspiration for the younger composers on the album.

The other is unique: a "Collection of Epitaphs and Elegies" by various composers, just a minute or two in length, filtering the basic idea through different prisms. Broxholm and pianist Russell Miller round out the program with contemporary songs by a male composer, Eric Ewazen, setting works of a female poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and an older group of songs by a female composer, Amy Beach, setting texts by Robert Browning. You can speculate on the influence of gender in these works, but the bottom line is that the program is unusually stimulating and coherent. Broxholm's voice will be a matter of taste: its size is well suited to these songs, but the pitch may be uncertain at times. An unusual recital recommended for those interested in American art song.

The Soul Fox
1. The Man Who Lied / Lori LaitmanJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller2:38
2. Sarong Song / Lori LaitmanJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller7:20
3. Aubade / Lori LaitmanJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:52
4. Night Song / Lori LaitmanJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller5:20
5. The Soul Fox / Lori LaitmanJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller3:22
3 Browning Songs, Opus 44
Ah, Love but a Day! / Amy BeachJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller3:34
Three Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Millay
I. God's World / Eric EwazenJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller3:21
II. Wraith / Eric EwazenJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller4:24
III. Afternoon on a Hill / Eric EwazenJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller2:08
Little Elegy / John DukeJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:23
On a Singing Girl / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:17
Epitaphs (3)
A Shepherd / Theodore ChanlerJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:04
Mistress Hew / Theodore ChanlerJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:56
A Midget / Theodore ChanlerJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:59
Three Husbands / Theodore ChanlerJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:09
Epitaph of a Young Girl / Richard HundleyJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:57
Isaac Greentree / Richard HundleyJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:33
The Astronomers / Richard HundleyJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:58
Little Elegy / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:23
Women's Voices
1. Now let no charitable hope / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller2:03
2. A Birthday / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:37
3. To My Dear and Loving Husband / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller2:20
4. To the Ladies / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:35
5. If Ever Hapless Woman Had a Cause / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller3:03
6. We Never Said Farewell / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller2:36
7. The Stranger / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller3:26
8. What Inn Is This / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:19
9. Defiled Is My Name / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller1:27
10. Electrocution / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller2:21
11. Smile, Death / Ned RoremJulia Broxholm / Russell Miller3:06

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