Bobby Caldwell - Perfect Island Nights

Bobby Caldwell - Perfect Island Nights
Artist: Bobby Caldwell
Duration: 46:50
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: February 1, 2005
Album: Perfect Island Nights
Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz

The veteran blue-eyed soul singer has been busy since 1995 (the year he released his last literal pop album, Soul Survivor), recording albums of standards along with his Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin-styled soundtrack work and counting the royalties from the 100 or so covers or samples of his best-known hit, "What You Won't Do for Love" -- so preoccupied, in fact, that's it's been easy to forget just how skilled he is at delivering easygoing romantic pop, whether it's funky and percussive (as on the brassy, bouncy "Call Me Up"), perfect for Latin salsa dancing (the balmy "Donna"), or simply laid-back and moonlit (the title track). Caldwell is at the top of his charming game on this modern adult contemporary classic, not mining any truly original territory lyrically but wringing every last emotion out of his originals (the power ballads "Extra Mile" and "Crazy for Your Love" are standouts) and a handful of well-chosen covers. None of his classic pop choices come close to his renditions of "Beyond the Sea" or "Luck Be a Lady," but he finds all the passion necessary on a loping take of "Sukiyaki (Forever)" (he provides sweet new English lyrics), the bright samba arrangement of "Our Day Will Come," and the masterfully soulful "Where Is the Love," which finds him perfectly paired with Deniece Williams. The colorful back cover shows a contented Caldwell, arms crossed, in his trademark blue slouch hat, sound asleep. Maybe his long-awaited pop comeback exhausted him, but it will energize fans longing for his return to form.

In the Afterlife / Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell4:32
Crazy for Your Love / Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell3:31
Donna / Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell4:17
Where Is the Love / William SalterBobby Caldwell feat: Deniece Williams2:59
Perfect Island Night / Barry Eastman / Phil PerryBobby Caldwell4:56
Our Day Will Come / Mort Garson / Bob HilliardBobby Caldwell3:21
I Need Your Love / Tom Keene / Allan RichBobby Caldwell4:28
Can't Get Over You / Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell3:07
Call Me Up / Bobby Caldwell / Mark McMillanBobby Caldwell3:28
Extra Mile / Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell4:31
Rain / Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell4:03
Sukiyaki (Forever) / Bobby Caldwell / Rokusuke Ei / Hachidai NakamuraBobby Caldwell3:37

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