Anne Heaton - Blazing Red

Anne Heaton - Blazing Red
Recording Location: Loho Studios, New York, NY; Q Division Studios, Somerville, MA; Stratosphere Studio, New York, NY
Artist: Anne Heaton
Genre: Pop\Rock
Release Date: March 3, 2009
Album: Blazing Red

In a scene where "alt-folk" has become the standard buzzword, Boston singer-songwriter Anne Heaton offers something more genuinely unique: a straightforward folk-influenced singer-songwriter album in the style of Tori Amos, Sarah MacLachlan, and the rest of the mid-1990s Lilith Fair scene. An earnest, emotive singer and a heartfelt songwriter, Heaton makes up for in melody whatever she might lack in hipness. Highlights include "Pieces of Me" and "Where Your Scar Is."

Jump / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:40
Crystallize / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton5:10
Pieces of Me / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:34
My Only Way out Is In / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton3:03
Where Your Scar Is / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton3:44
Momma to You / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:23
Out to Sea / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:43
Why I Resist / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:05
Blazing Red / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:05
Halfway Times Two / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:04
Fire Sign / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton4:15
Secret Weapon / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton2:55
Strings Ov / Anne HeatonAnne Heaton1:17

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