Big Bill Lister - Remembering Hank Williams

Big Bill Lister - Remembering Hank Williams
Artist: Big Bill Lister
Duration: 01:06:35
Genre: Country
Release Date: November 24, 2004
Album: Remembering Hank Williams
Long Gone DaddyBig Bill Lister2:42
Big Bill Meets HankBig Bill Lister3:23
I Can't Help ItBig Bill Lister3:14
Hank Writes CountryfiedBig Bill Lister0:36
CountryfiedBig Bill Lister2:41
Don Helms and HankBig Bill Lister1:06
The Little House That We BuiltBig Bill Lister3:56
Story Behind Tear in My BeerBig Bill Lister2:25
There's a Tear in My BeerBig Bill Lister3:15
Hank Jr. & SR. Make HistoryBig Bill Lister3:00
Friends Find Bill in New YorkBig Bill Lister4:14
Long Gone Lonesome BluesBig Bill Lister2:47
Laughs on the RoadBig Bill Lister2:57
Your Cheating HeartBig Bill Lister3:12
Louisiana, Moon Mullican and a Million SellerBig Bill Lister2:16
JambalayaBig Bill Lister3:21
A Hit Song Don't Care Who Sings ItBig Bill Lister3:58
Cold Cold HeartBig Bill Lister3:42
The Hadacol CaravanBig Bill Lister6:13
The Beginning of the EndBig Bill Lister3:58
Old HankBig Bill Lister2:54
The Dinossaur Is DoneBig Bill Lister0:45

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