Rob Burger - City of Strangers

Rob Burger - City of Strangers
Artist: Rob Burger
Duration: 51:01
Genre: Avant-Garde
Release Date: April 21, 2009
Album: City of Strangers
Styles: Film Score, Modern Composition

As a composer, arranger, and performer, Robert Burger has worked with a variety of musicians, including Bill Frisell, Marianne Faithfull, Rufus Wainwright, and Laurie Anderson. This release of selections from his music for film includes tracks from the soundtracks to the films Diminished Capacity (2008, directed by Terry Kinney), and Timescapes: A Portrait of New York (2005, directed by Jake Barton and James Sanders), and a track to accompany Ladislaw Starewicz's The Cameraman's Revenge (1912).

The tracks are brief and aphoristic, most lasting only a minute or two, and they make their statement effectively and bow out before they've worn out their welcome. Burger's music is gently melodic, often rhythmically punchy, comfortable, and familiar sounding, with various folk traditions, jazz and light rock influences filtered through a freely classical sensibility.

He uses mostly a broad assortment of acoustic instruments (including piano, accordion, marimba, vibraphone, assorted percussion, violin, viola, ukulele, and harmonica), but some tracks include electric guitar and keyboards.

The music is notable for its variety and for its delicate, inventive orchestrations. Many tracks have a folk-like sound, but the variety of instruments he uses allows for richer and more varied textures than many conventional, small folk ensembles. Even though the tracks are widely diverse in tone, style, and instrumentation, certain themes return on various tracks, and the album is fully successful as an integrated listening experience. The sound is clean and resonant.

Diminished Capacity, film score
Diminished CapacityRob Burger1:47
Welcome Home, CooperRob Burger1:39
That's My BurglarRob Burger1:03
Falling SpanielsRob Burger2:09
Short TuxRob Burger1:20
Timescapes, film score
The Great PortRob Burger2:41
WTCRob Burger0:56
BazaarRob Burger1:55
Diminished Capacity, film score
Charlotte's Theme Part 1Rob Burger2:18
Charlotte's Theme Part 2Rob Burger2:12
It's Alright, Uncle RollieRob Burger2:02
The AccidentRob Burger0:39
I Do Say SoRob Burger0:26
Glad You're HereRob Burger1:15
Mr. Bundles & The FlickRob Burger2:09
Cooper & CharlotteRob Burger1:27
The Cameraman's Revenge, for accordion, field organ, ukulele, harmonica, viola, violin & guitarRob Burger1:14
Timescapes, film score
Tale Around The FireRob Burger1:11
The TunnelRob Burger1:50
Diminished Capacity, film score
Brother DonnyRob Burger3:09
Wendell KendallRob Burger1:43
The CardRob Burger1:43
In The YardRob Burger2:09
I'll Show You DumbRob Burger0:56
Timescapes, film score
City Of StrangersRob Burger1:23
The KissRob Burger0:52
Diminished Capacity, film score
The KissRob Burger1:07
Stan's FavorRob Burger1:37
Dad Is GoneRob Burger1:06
Timescapes, film score
ThinuetteRob Burger2:32
Diminished Capacity, film score
Glad You're Here RepriseRob Burger2:31

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