B.B. King - Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan

B.B. King - Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan
Recording Location: Cello Recording Studios, Hollyw
Artist: B.B. King
Duration: 01:00:08
Genre: Blues
Release Date: October 5, 1999
Album: Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Soul-Blues, Memphis Blues, Regional Blues

Even if B.B. King is the King of the Blues, some might find it strange that he chose to record Let the Good Times Roll, a tribute album to Louis Jordan, the King of Jump Blues. King's work was never as boisterous or enthusiastic as Jordan's, but his debt is apparent from the first cut of the album.

King may have never done straight jump blues, but his sophisticated urban blues -- complete with horn sections and an emphasis on vocals -- shows as much jump influence as it does Delta. Let the Good Times Roll brings that home with a quiet, seductive insistence. Backed by a stellar band -- featuring Dr.

John on piano, drummer Earl Palmer, alto saxophonist Hank Crawford, and tenor saxophonist Dave "Fathead" Newman, among others -- B.B. King sounds loose and natural. There are stars in the band, but this is hardly a bloated all-star effort, since the focus in on delivering no-nonsense performances. Strangely enough, King doesn't play that much guitar on the album, concentrating on his vocals and letting the band interact. When he does solo, it's as elegant and tasteful as always, but the focal point is always the songs. Since he's such a fine guitarist, B.B.'s singing often goes underappreciated, but here it's at the forefront, and he shines. His phrasing is impeccable, and he always captures the spirit of the songs, either through humor or heart. Of course, that's a skill that Jordan had, as well, and realizing that sheds new light on B.B.'s music.

Much of his celebrated skills as a showman and a performer indirectly came from Jordan, as did elements of his musical style. Never has that been as clear as it is on Let the Good Times Roll.

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens / Alex Kramer / Joan WhitneyB.B. King2:51
Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? / Bill Austin / Louis JordanB.B. King3:22
Beware, Brother, Beware / Dick Adams / Morry Lasco / Fleecie MooreB.B. King3:07
Somebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door / Casey Bill Weldon / Will WeldonB.B. King3:28
Ain't That Just Like a Woman / Claude Demetrius / Fleecie MooreB.B. King3:30
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie / Denver Darling / Milt Gabler / Vaughn Horton / Louis JordanB.B. King2:37
Buzz Me / Danny Baxter / Fleecie MooreB.B. King2:52
Early Every Morning / Joe Josea / Riley King / TraditionalB.B. King4:47
I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town / Andy Razaf / Will WeldonB.B. King4:49
Jack, You're Dead! / Walter Bishop, Jr. / Richard Miles / Walter Bishop, Sr.B.B. King2:09
Knock Me a Kiss / Mike Jackson / Andy RazafB.B. King2:40
Let the Good Times Roll / Fleecie Moore / Sam TheardB.B. King2:39
Caldonia / Fleecie Moore / Fleecy MooreB.B. King2:17
It's a Great, Great Pleasure / Louis Jordan / William TennysonB.B. King2:38
Rusty Dusty Blues (Mama Mama Blues) / J. Mayo WilliamsB.B. King4:17
Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night / Claude Demetrius / Louis Jordan / Fleecie MooreB.B. King3:07
Saturday Night Fish Fry / Louis Jordan / Ellis WalshB.B. King4:24
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out / James CoxB.B. King4:34

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