Paul Spicer - Paul Spicer: Easter Oratorio

Paul Spicer - Paul Spicer: Easter Oratorio
Artist: Paul Spicer
Duration: 01:49:10
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2005
Album: Paul Spicer: Easter Oratorio
Styles: Choral
Easter Oratorio, for soloists, chorus, organ & orchestra
Part 1. No. 1. On the seventh dayPaul Spicer5:44
Part 1. No. 2. On the first dayPaul Spicer0:51
Part 1. No. 3. Where have they laid youPaul Spicer0:39
Part 1. No. 4. So Peter and the other disciplePaul Spicer2:33
Part 1. No. 5. Aria. Like day new dawnedPaul Spicer1:23
Part 1. No. 6. Then the disciples returnedPaul Spicer1:27
Part 1. No. 7. Where have they laid my Jesus?Paul Spicer3:14
Part 1. No. 8. Aria. Where can I go?Paul Spicer1:23
Part 1. No. 9. With those wordsPaul Spicer1:18
Part 1. No. 10. Chorale. The garden of creationPaul Spicer1:14
Part 1. No. 11. Jesus said to herPaul Spicer0:44
Part 1. No. 12. Duet. I will sing to the LordPaul Spicer3:34
Part 1. No. 13. Easter Hymn 1. Come, ye faithful, raise the strainPaul Spicer3:44
Part 1. No. 14. Jesus said to herPaul Spicer0:54
Part 1. No. 15. Aria. The victory of the crossPaul Spicer1:27
Part 1. No. 16. Mary Magdalene wentPaul Spicer0:23
Part 1. No. 17. Chorale. The first to bring the gospelPaul Spicer0:53
Part 1. No. 18. Easter Hymn 2. Now the green blade risethPaul Spicer2:17
Part 1. No. 19. On the evening of that dayPaul Spicer1:37
Part 1. No. 20. The price of peacePaul Spicer1:56
Part 1. No. 21. Then the disciples rejoicedPaul Spicer1:15
Part 1. No. 22. The peace so dearly wonPaul Spicer1:12
Part 1. No. 23. Aria. The evening of the first dayPaul Spicer2:49
Part 1. No. 24. Chorale. Jesus' mission now is oursPaul Spicer1:53
Part 1. No. 25. Now Thomas, called 'Didymus'Paul Spicer1:28
Part 1. No. 26. The sea is too deepPaul Spicer0:38
Part 1. No. 27. And after eight daysPaul Spicer1:12
Part 1. No. 28. Aria. The sea has partedPaul Spicer1:55
Part 1. No. 29. Thomas, in reply, saidPaul Spicer0:41
Part 1. No. 30. Chorale. O Lord, when we have doubtedPaul Spicer0:37
Part 1. No. 31. Easter Hymn 3. The Day of Resurrection!Paul Spicer2:18
Part 1. No. 32. There are many other signsPaul Spicer0:50
Part 1. No. 33. Easter Hymn 4. You shall go out with joyPaul Spicer2:24

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