Tex Owens - Cattle Call

Tex Owens - Cattle Call
Artist: Tex Owens
Duration: 56:14
Recording Date: August 27, 1934 - 1954
Genre: Country
Release Date: 1995
Album: Cattle Call
Styles: Cowboy, Traditional Country

Sadly, the majority of Tex Owens' official commercial recordings, done for RCA-Victor in 1936, are missing.

Still, this CD runs to 22 tracks, encompassing the four songs he cut as a solo artist for Decca in August of 1934, his Texas Rangers collaboration "Dude Ranch Parts 1 and 2," and the four 1953-1954 sides for Wrightman. The rest are previously unissued demos of unknown origin or date, licensed from Owens' widow and comprising songs that only show up on lists of Tex's compositions, not his recordings.

The sound is generally good, with only moderate noise on the worst of the masters. Owens' demos are nearly as engaging as his formal recordings, and surprisingly include some backing musicians, as well as Owens' requisite guitar. Highlights, in addition to the title track and the pair of songs with the Texas Rangers, include "Daddy's Old Rocking Chair," "Cowboy Call," and "Don't Hide Your Tears My Darling."

Cattle Call / Tex OwensTex Owens3:06
Pride of the Prairie / George BotsfordTex Owens3:07
Dude Ranch Party, Pt. 1Tex Owens3:00
Dude Ranch Party, Pt. 2Tex Owens3:11
Rocking Alone in an Old Rocking Chair / Bob MillerTex Owens2:58
Two SweetheartsTex Owens3:15
By the Rushing Waterfall / Tex OwensTex Owens2:48
Give Me the Plains at NightTex Owens2:25
Let Me Ride the RangeTex Owens2:37
Porcupine Serenade / Tex OwensTex Owens2:45
Lost Indian CallTex Owens2:31
Grandpa and the LovebugTex Owens2:02
Daddy's Old Rocking ChairTex Owens2:40
I'll Be HappyTex Owens1:59
Lonesome for You / Larry Cordle / Larry ShellTex Owens2:40
Red Roses Bring Memories of YouTex Owens2:03
Yesterday's RosesTex Owens1:01
Lonely for You, Oh, So LongTex Owens1:40
Cowboy CallTex Owens3:06
While I'm Nearly HomeTex Owens1:31
Don't Hide Your Tears My DarlingTex Owens3:00
Cattle Call (Theme Song) / Tex OwensTex Owens2:49

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