Annie Lalley - Promise

Annie Lalley - Promise
Artist: Annie Lalley
Duration: 43:21
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 1997
Album: Promise
The VerdictAnnie Lalley4:32
PromiseAnnie Lalley4:16
MexicoAnnie Lalley4:14
Hard to KnowAnnie Lalley2:57
Ocean BedAnnie Lalley2:42
Fishin'Annie Lalley4:46
Get a DogAnnie Lalley2:21
SuicideAnnie Lalley4:23
ResurrectionAnnie Lalley3:22
Sea FeverAnnie Lalley3:18
Deer in the WoodAnnie Lalley2:00
LullabyAnnie Lalley2:35
Mid-Winter's Spring DayAnnie Lalley1:55

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