Lilias - Lilias! Discover Serenity: A Guided Relaxation Program

Lilias - Lilias! Discover Serenity: A Guided Relaxation Program
Artist: Lilias
Duration: 01:00:15
Genre: New Age
Release Date: November 9, 2001
Album: Lilias! Discover Serenity: A Guided Relaxation Program

Lilias, the host of a beloved and long-running PBS yoga instruction show, here lends her calming voice to a guided meditation. The CD begins with a brief but informed discussion of the four steps to relaxation, followed by some safety precautions. (Since the disc is divided into seven tracks, the listener can skip over the introduction and cautions after the first few plays.) Then Lilias provides a detailed guide to deep breathing and stretching, a visualization exercise, and an "inner smile" meditation.Peaceful background music (including tracks by popular healing music composer Steven Halpern) helps encourage relaxation and inward reflection. DISCOVER SERENITY is a valuable tool for meditation and relaxation from an American yoga luminary.

Four Steps to Relaxation: 48 HoursLilias feat: Steven Halpern16:44
Introduction and CautionsLilias0:54
Introduction to Breathing: Winged FreedomLilias3:32
Three Part Breathing: Crystal CaveLilias feat: Steven Halpern7:17
Yawn and Stretch: Moonlight TideLilias2:25
Visualization and Imagery: Whisper in the WindLilias11:34
Inner Smile: PowerpointLilias feat: Steven Halpern17:49

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