Bow Wow - New Jack City II

Bow Wow - New Jack City II
Recording Location: Doppler Studios, Atlanta, GA; Echo Studios, Atlanta, GA; KMA Studios, New York, NY; Platinum Sound, New York, NY; Playmaker Studio, Atlanta, GA; Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA; SouthSide Studios, Atlanta, GA
Artist: Bow Wow
Duration: 43:00
Genre: Rap
Release Date: March 31, 2009
Album: New Jack City II
Styles: Pop-Rap, Southern Rap

Not that Bow Wow wasn't gradually working his way toward it, but on New Jack City II, the MC, now 22 years old, makes like a younger and slightly cleaner T.I. However, Bow Wow doesn't merely project the kind of smooth toughness/tough smoothness exuded by his obvious inspiration. There are moments where the album sounds exactly like an attempted cloning, as heard in the kicked-back yet insolent flow throughout the opening "Get That Paper," and it even appears that way, as seen in the video for "You Can Get It All," from the mannerisms to choice of eyewear. Though Bow Wow drops a litany of curses from track to track and has transitioned from "Hey Little Momma" to "Pole in My Basement," New Jack City II is nonetheless within the domain of pop-rap, laced with candy-coated hooks and beats that are easy on the ears. Jermaine Dupri's long-running tradition of supplying Bow Wow with productions built on very easily identifiable sources continues (Rick James' "Big Time," TLC's "Baby-Baby-Baby," Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walking," Slick Rick's "La Di Da Di," Bobby Brown's "Roni"), and Swizz Beatz, oddly credited as "Swizz Beatsz," provides a typically noisy and purposefully obnoxious production for the closer, one of Bow Wow's toughest tracks yet. Some of these developments come off a little forced, but Bow Wow knew he had to abandon the PG material or risk irrelevance. It should pay off, yet it has no apparent effect on his output's quality level.

Get That Paper / Chadron Moore / Shad MossBow Wow3:19
What They Call Me / Jaron Alston / James Calloway / Aaron Davenport / Jermaine Dupri / Cornell Haynes / LeRoy JacksonBow Wow feat: Ron Browz / Nelly3:58
Roc the Mic / Thomas Randolph Bell / Douglas Davis / Jermaine Dupri / Linda Epstein / Kenny Gamble / Ricky WaltersBow Wow feat: Jermaine Dupri3:47
Been Doin' This / Lamar Edwards / Clifford Harris / Shad MossBow Wow feat: T.I.4:52
You Can Get It All / Jermaine Dupri / Kenneth Edmonds / James Phillips / Antonio Reid / Daryl SimmonsBow Wow feat: Johnta Austin3:36
Sunshine / Jermaine Dupri / Lee HazlewoodBow Wow3:27
Like This / Jaron Alston / Jermaine Dupri / James Harris / Terry Lewis / Shad Moss / James PhillipsBow Wow feat: Johnta Austin / Dondria3:40
She's My / David Bal4 / David Balfour / Darnell Bristol / Kenneth Edmonds / T-PainBow Wow feat: T-Pain3:50
I Ain't Playing / Johnta Austin / Jermaine Dupri / James PhillipsBow Wow feat: Trey Songz4:46
Pole in My Basement / Christopher Gholson / Shad MossBow Wow4:15
Shake It / Kasseem Dean / Rahman Lang / Shad MossBow Wow feat: Swizz Beatz3:30

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